At Visionplanner, we work differently. A medium-sized, non-hierachical organization. Autonomous teams that care about our corporate goals. Agility is in our DNA.


Of course we do have a long-term strategic plan. And a Product Roadmap. But we believe that an organization should never lose its agility. That’s why, after having completed 75  Sprints, we abandoned SCRUM. Because a Kanban-style of working suits us better..

Food and drinks

Every day we enjoy our lunch together. This way you also meet colleagues with other tasks and responsibilities. Of course the table is all set for us!
In addition we provide a steady supply of fruits, we drink Nespresso coffee (in 8 different flavours) and we have cooled soft drinks at hand.
Not to mention the world-famous Visionplanner mints!


Mediocre is not us. If we do something, we do it well. We excel as an organization. As a team. And we stimulate each other in doing so. For example, our developers spend 1 day each month working or studying on projects of their own choice.
We all benefit from that.


We have a development team in Barcelona. You can apply for a position there. But even if you’re based in Veenendaal, Netherlands, we invite you to join our Barcelona colleagues for a week or so. Of course we work entirely cloud-based, so that’s not a problem (unless you’re planning on visiting Dutch clients, that is)


Worked hard? Want to celebrate with your team? Need a break? Challenge a colleague for a game of pool, darts or table tennis. Or, if you’re a real screen-junkie, the PS3 suits you best.
We all need to relax from time to time. We know that.

Great colleagues

We employ over 40 enthousiastic and highly motivated colleagues. We’re driven by quality and innovation. Together we make Visionplanner happen, so we allow and encourage each other to grow and excel.


Visionplanners feel responsible for our company goals. That’s why we like to work with autonomous teams, and we leave it up to the teams to optimize the way they work.


We know that it’s not money in the first place you work for. But we just want to make sure that your salary and other working conditions are well taken care of. 

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